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Safeway is an American supermarket chain founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in April 1915 in American Falls, Idaho. The chain provides grocery items, food and general merchandise and feature a variety of specialty departments, such as bakery, delicatessen, floral and pharmacy, as well as Starbucks coffee shops and fuel centers.

Wayne shares his frustrating experience on, "It is not possible to terminate an online account with Safeway. They provide NO means, whatsoever. Once you create the account you will receive an endless stream of unwanted emails. They REFUSE to stop sending them. I have tried more than 5 times to stop the SPAM, but it cannot be done. They cannot be contacted other than by telephone. That does not work for me. They claim to have delivery services, but I have NEVER been able to find an available time or day for either pick up or delivery. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Their delivery offering is a scam to get you to create an account, and if you fall for it, you are trapped for life."


Tell the world why Safeway sucks!

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Former Employee - Dot Com Personal Shopper says

"Overworked for little pay, Rude managers."

Former Employee - Bakery Packager says

"Expected me to work at an experienced pace, like the veterans that had been there Expected me to work alone in the bakery after three days"

Former Employee - Night Stocker says

"Too much schedule changes, hours change all over the week, the manager changed without anyone knowing, not getting paid holiday pay,"

Former Employee - Night Crew says

"Terrible Leadership. Heavily Unorganized Managers."

Current Employee - Certified Pharmacy Technician says

"There are too many to count"

Former Employee - Pharmacy Clerk says

"Low pay. Boring Work. No support from staff or upper management. Multiple problematic employees that management refuse to remove."

Former Employee - Bakery Assistant says

"lots of crappy work, boring, poor management"

Former Employee - Maintenance Supervisor says

"Absolutely awful people to work with. other managers do zero work and complain 24/7 while doing nothing of what they're asked. entirety of buildings responsibilities including sanitation, security, and workers safety in other departments all fell on me while the other managers worked out in the gym all day or just talked to upper management. heavily abusive to the employees, especially the ones who don't speak English, highest turn over rate I have ever seen in my life, and most penny pinching upper managers I've ever had to deal with."

Current Employee - Overnight Stocker says

"low pay Unexperienced managers Lazy coworkers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of training No sense of responsibility No sense of teamwork Always pointing the finger instead of evolving with the time"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"This company and the CEO are distressing along with the managers. I have seen over and over the treatment of new workers by the seasoned workers you have a high turnover along with poor treatment of new workers. I have seen hard working people just quit because the favoritism is to much. It seems that the CEO could give a concern about the high turnover rate in your store. It is not a fun place to work at all."

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Never got support from upper management, got yelled at put down by Dept management. Store manager has no clue to what’s going on, he would rather ask for a resignation rather than deal with the real problem. Asking someone to resign from a position and go to another Dept instead of fixing the problem at hand. Very sad that I wasted almost 2 years of my life thwreNoneNone"

Baker's Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was bullying into quite because I found mold and other problems, and reported them to the store manager. The head backer also was not practicing safe work place skills"

Food Clerk/ P.I.C (Current Employee) says

"The company is no longer what it used to be. They don't appreciate their employees. Or their well being or their health. The work load is heavy. They won't train you correctly they expect a computer to train you. They don't promote within. They rather allow someone outside that does not care to come in and run a store. Seasoned senior employees know more than highly paid salary individuals. But it isn't about what you know its about who you know and numbers. You can care and have ideas. But if it isn't controlled by an algorithm it doesn't matter. The bolts and screws of the company is old. With no hopes of stepping into the future. They can't keep department managers or staff.. They want you to put in your 2weeks notice for respect of the business, but if you are terminated (not for any loss to the company's assets) they don't give you 2 weeks. You'll be lucky to get your accumulated time in a timely manner. There is a bunch of grey areas that YOU have to figure out. While not having enough staff again your work load is heavy and so is the paperwork. They have a no cell phone policy yet individuals will take pictures and send them to you while on and off the clock. And then include you in group chats just to harass you on your off days. And the cliques don't get me started with those. You have store managers that talk down to their employees so bad that the employees are afraid to speak up. And these store managers are protected even though they twist the truth to their higher superiors and fix it so that previous employees can not come back. Are you going to college forgetA day off and getting paid weeklyRead the paragraph again"

Meat Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I have never worked somewhere so draining. I feel like my life and yours, is not valued at all, which is clear by how they've handled the pandemic. They are more worried about losing money, its always been about that. 4 people in my department have left because of COVID-19. I’m pregnant so I worried if this would be worth the minimum wage pay, and so did my coworkers. The response from management was irresponsible and just a way for them to ignore the issue. They had us sign a contract that says we cannot work if we have been tested, even though the only people we've been in contact with is our coworkers and many of us cant afford to do that. Instead we just haven't gotten tested and hoped we aren't hurting anyone else. Im working overtime every week and my boss says it isn’t enough, I didn't think it would be so difficult to work like this but being pregnant is no joke. I feel unappreciated and like i've been taken advantage of. none.15 minute break and no significant discount"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"At start there was 3 AWESOME LADIES in charge of this program. Once they were reassigned it went down hill !! Shoppers didn’t complete customers orders, theft before items put on truck, lack of supervisors support,harassment and overwhelming favoritism !!Low pay and harassment"

Food Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Safeway used to be just an OKAY place to work. Since ALBERTSONS took over it sucks... they cut hours and staff because their sales are down, and what happens when you cut staff? The customers suffer and the workers suffer by having to deal with more work. The ONLY good thing about working here is the health insurance, it is cheap and it is okay insurance. Health InsurancePay, Raises, Managment, Stress, and so much more"

General clerk (Former Employee) says

"Forget this place and run. Management is horrible and play favoritism.Very unfair. Employees are treated very badly if you're not a favorite even if you're a good worker.Over worked and under played, doing 2 to 3 people's jobs every day.NoneNone"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I’m on the front line and make minimum wage this job is Worth it I’d rather do something better...Customers yelling your face management does not back you up"

Butcher's Assistant (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceBad management● Overallterrible area and terrible staff and management. Never treated fair. Over worked and underpaid. Wanda watson is a low life drug addict. Everyone has a drug or drinking issue their."

Night Crew (Former Employee) says

"- Worst managment: No extra benefits and long work hours. Do not listen to employee requirements- Poor pay : They cut $100 of your salary every 2 weeks for some Union Fees. They exploit their employees in this way- Worst conditions : They make 4 people do work the work of 6 people with without any extra benefits.NothingPoor pay, Long hours, extra work, No consideration for employee's life"

Deli Clerk (Former Employee) says

"great place if you are a minority, as you get treated better and can claim people are being racist in order to get out of your responsibilities. manager takes the best shifts and doesn't care about fellow workers"

GM Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job at Safeway when I worked for the Dublin store, but then I transferred to a store in Sacramento and the manager here is very unprofessional, unreliable, and he doesn't keep his word! It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for him to give me a start date! I shouldn't have to call more than once about a job I already have, I should just be given a start date and that's it. I have a child to care for and bills to payNoneUnprofessional"

Full time employee (Former Employee) says

"Frankly, most management at any given store are exceedingly incompetent and toxic. Corporate doubly so. The work environment is highly frustrating and depressing, bordering on hostile. There are many good people working here, but upper management -at any given store- are irredeemable. Use as a stepping stone or short-term starter job only. Safeway is a cesspool of mediocrity. Skilled, hard-working, intelligent people: do not apply. Your hard work will not be recognized or appreciated, you will be exploited further for your skills for very little return benefit. Your intelligence will constantly be insulted. Work elsewhere for your own mental health.NoneAwful management. Unhappy people. Highly disorganized company."

Safeway (Former Employee) says

"In arizona it was anything like vons in California were they pay 14-18 bucks an hour. Northern arizona they paid like that. Washington Oregon it was a decent job as well. In phoenix Scottsdale area. They want every cent out of you. They work every penny out of you and only pay the least they can. Box truck driving isn't worth it. Part time? Minimum wage ? To check the oil level in a truck? Other companies like Macdonald's and jiffy lube valvoline will pay more for less work. Part time truck driving and they want you to drive far and dont work you close to home. Same as the store. I worked in a store in Scottsdale and they always promised to move me closer to home and never didn't. They wouldn't and couldn't find a replacement to move me and others closer to home. They didn't pay enough money for all the work they asked. They didn't treat anyone fairly. They manager they picked over me had no idea what they were doing. They had no experience and I over qualified for their job. And they didn't pick me. They don't pay enough and it shows. They run their team ragged while a manager just gets paid to chill..worst job ever. In other places they paid workers a livable wage. In Phoenix and Scottsdale they don't pay anything..NoneUnder paid and over worked."

Front End Manager (Former Employee) says

"The motto “Courtesy, Dignity and Respect” is what they state but not what they do. My people were great but my boss and a few people who stomp on you to get ahead were awful. I was humiliated, harassed, bullied and backstabbed on a daily basis. I ended up on medication.My people were great!Healthcare is awful, upper management never wanted to help or see me succeed, they only care about their numbers and bonus."

Cashier/Customer Service fuel station and floral (Current Employee) says

"I have worked at a Safeway for 6 years now and I always say it’s great.... if you have no other options. You will likely never see a promotion. You will never get a raise. The union is a joke. If you are part time you have next to no benefits. And they don’t care if you hate your job because to them you are 100% replaceableNoneTo many"

Courtesy Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Didn’t like it at all. I hated it. I was stuck with nothing but closing shifts. Never received real training and was told I was hired to be full time but was let go after holiday seasonNothingMost"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Always short staffed, schedules keep changing without any notice, you need to check schedule daily. Too much micro managing . Manager needs to trust her employees more it’s ridiculous that the garbage is locked up and employees have to call management to come and unlock the garbage for it to be placed in compactor Employees not appreciated.Working with good peopleNot enough staff"

Deli clerk (Former Employee) says

"You will never get support from anyone or anywhere in Safeway. They are mentally and verbally abusive. There is entirely too much gossiping and intimate relationships within the company. Descent pay after 8 yearsEverything"

Scooter-customer says

"Social distancing is impossible. Only one door unlocked and just inside? A 6\' x 6\' display in the middle making all squeeze past...not good. Even before COVID inventory control positively abysmal. Even basic items like milk is out at 2pm on a Saturday, except of course the 3 times pricer organic, free range happy cow milk. Also, the cheaper the meat (think ground chuck) the larger the package so they can manipulate the price per item mandates required by the corporate overlord. Oh, and LOTS of stock on hand of inferior, store brand cheap, cheap products. Lastly, I was yelled at in the selfserve line because an item would not scan...yes, yelled at. "

sirbeercan says

"Stores are understaffed. Signature brands are terrible. Staff ignored covid restrictions and served customers during mask mandates. "

jason bear says

"Good staff but horrible when it comes to privacy. They insist on having to put in your account number to go shopping. "

Lee Robbins says

"I rarely write 1 star reviews but Safeway has THE worst online ordering (IT) that I have EVER encountered. As you know that is a high hurdle to "win"! Orders disappear, passwords disappear, things they carry aren't listed, unlike competitors you can only edit order on the same day ordered. Excessive limitations on specifying substitutions. Charges they don't announce in their adds for Delivery (it is NOT "Free"). Wouldn't accept a Chase Bank card I always use –– though it eventually accepted a differents Chase CC card of mine (Yes, I checked my entry multiple times and tried multiple times). AND, worst, I made the mistake of trying it and went through it all, confirmed etc. –– but their IT system entirely lost the order delivery (even though the cart still existed). NEVER AGAIN. I will stick to other stores' delivery or the main competitor for food delivery from markets. BAD experience."

Bhavneet Chawla says

"I went to go get a cake for my friends birthday but she has a peanut allergy. I tried asking the employees if the cake I was getting contain nuts in it they told me to ask bakery or customer service. I went to both and no one was there and I waited at customer service for 5 minutes although employees did see me standing there. This one lady asked me if I had a question and I asked her, and she also told me to go ask another lady. I went to the other day and she said it should be written on the box which I already checked and she told me “I don’t know”. I’m sorry but your staff needs to learn how to deal with customers and if they don’t know the answer they should get the manager or someone that could help. This is such a bad experience for me and I hope everyone reads this. After this I stood in a lineup and this one customer took 5 minutes to find her card and the employee instead of making the lineup faster or telling the customer hey could you just wait so I could help this customer just waited. Although, I only had that cake to pay for and was already disappointed the employee did nothing to make it better."

Adella says

"I have been with safeway for 2years with rates slowly raising. I had a wreck and filed ONLY a report with the company. Decided to pay for damages out of my pocket and both parties in the accident agreed to no file a claim, and let Safeway know this information. The next week I get paperwork stating that my insurance rates had gone up ( literally within a week and a renewal). I had called my local office 2 times before someone was able to get my insurance rates adjuated to "normal". Isnt this illegal to raise insurance rates because of an ACCIDENT, especially when a claim was not made. I would not go with this company if you are moving to a new company no matter how "cheap" thwir rates are. Its bait to trap you into a bad company."

Jordan Apadaca says

"The employee's in the deli at Lander safeway make you feel like you the customer are an inconvenience when they have to stop a personal conversation and assist customers this its not the first time this had happened as a paying customer being treated like an annoiance is not my desire when I go shopping"

Sara Petersen says

"I was shopping this weekend on my weekly visit to Safeway, but this time I left the store feeling uneasy and disappointed. I was walking down an aisle with my boyfriend and our 10 month old son when I slipped on a large oil spill in the middle of the lane. My boyfriend and my baby managed to miss it. However, I did a half-split with my legs, drenched one of my pant legs and faux Birkenstock sandals (which I had to throw away), and dropped my phone face down in the oil. I salvaged my phone and my boyfriend had to clean it off with his jacket, and I found a nearby napkin station to wipe my foot and pants off with. I walked through the store with oil on my foot. There was an employee who witnessed the entire thing right near the deli, yet he did not say anything to me although I expressed my discontent. He didn’t offer to help, not say a word. There was no “caution, wet” sign out on display at the time. He found a sign and placed it near the spill after he saw what happened yet still said it did anything. I went to the customer service station after I checked out my items, where the assistant called the general store manager. When she arrived, she asked if I was okay and said she was sorry, but she ended up giving me two expired coupons to use on my next visit. I was hurt emotionally and embarrassed as I cleaned myself off in front of the busy store and customers walking by me. Just overall the worst experience I’ve had in a store in my entire 24 years of life."

Peter Hogg says

"I was going to leave this alone but in that Safeway will not answer me I will post here as with the rise in the Covid Virus throughout the country I think all should know that as far as I know they are the only grocery store, at least in our area, not enforcing the wearing of masks in their store. I've seen many in the store without masks and manager and employees avoid answering as to why they don't enforce the wearing of masks even with our Maricopa county making it mandatory for masks in stores. Have a wife who is very susceptible so I do the shopping. Amazing how for the sake of money a company will ignore the need to keep people safe from this virus."

Doc Moore says

"It is not possible to terminate an online account with Safeway. They provide NO means, whatsoever. Once you create the account you will receive an endless stream of unwanted emails. They REFUSE to stop sending them. I have tried more than 5 times to stop the SPAM, but it cannot be done. They cannot be contacted other than by telephone. That does not work for me. They claim to have delivery services, but I have NEVER been able to find an available time or day for either pick up or delivery. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
Their delivery offering is a scam to get you to create an account, and if you fall for it, you are trapped for life."

Karen Franks says

"I will no longer shop at Safeway. I just returned from my local store. Customers were not required to wear masks. Following the directional traffic indicated in the aisles was not enforced. Social distancing in line while waiting to check out was not enforced. I saw several Safeway employees that had their masks pulled down around their neck and not over their faces.

My husband just died from Covid-19. I know someone else, a previously healthy young man, whose kidneys were so badly damages from Covid-19 that both kidneys no longer function. This young man now has to have dialysis 4 times a week. This virus is not a joke. It's not a conspiracy. It's not the flu. Previously healthy people, including children, can die from it.

Safeway doesn't care enough for their employees or their customers to enforce safety practices. People are dying. Evidently Safeway doesn't care. I will be shopping at a store that requires everyone to wear masks. I will not shop at Safeway again even after this Covid-19 nightmare ends. I won't support unethical businesses."

Patty Davi says

"I ordered many items for delivery since 4-26-2020 they make me wait at my house to deliver the order from 6PM to 10 PM, I closed my business to come and wait, they never came. The add at the website said we are assembling your order I called this morning and after waiting for 15 minutes they said "we cancelled your order because there was one item out of stock" I asked why you then make me wait for it? she said "well that's how the system work" I told her "go to ***

valerie says

"gouging prices during pandemic. enough said..... prior experiences also bad . customer service hung up on me ... overcharged at register ... many things are not good about this place ..."

Annette Lynch says

"April 4, 2020 I went to the Safeway Store at, 22280 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA I entered the store,I said how happy I was to find an open store.The exact words I was told was,"you're alright, come on in."No sooner did I get to the first isle,the night Manager informed me it was 2 minutes before closing.He walked up to me,within inches of my face,wearing no mask and not observing the 6 foot rule.A couple of minutes later it was announced that the store was closed and to please proceed to the checkout counter.I was rushing as fast as I could to get the items I needed.Jacob,night Manager,continued to follow me and told me it was 2 minutes past 9 and I needed to leave the store. I asked him to step back which he refused to do.He then,followed me to the next isle saying it was 4 minutes past 9 and I need to leave the store Again I asked him to step away. He refused.Down the next isle I went, he approached me again telling me it was 6 minutes past 9 and I need to leave the store I kept asking him to step away and he refused.The final time, he approached me again, telling me it was 8 minutes past 9 and I need to leave the store. I told him I was just going to grab a package of hamburger and I was leaving.When I left the store, I realized, in my excitement to find a store open, I forgot my keys in my car I knocked on the door and the Security Guard answered and explaining to him my situation, I asked him if he could call AAA. He was so kind. He called AAA and gave them all my information and told me they would be there in 45 minutes. He even offered to drive me home but I didn't want to leave my car there with the keys inside. In the meantime, I am standing there in the pouring rain and cold. I was not allowed to to wait inside the store. In the meantime, while I was waiting, I ended up having an asthma attack. My inhaler was also in the car I was outside having an attack, an elder woman, an employee of Safeway, was bringing a cart outside.I told her I was 71 years old and I'm having an asthma attack.She just walked by ignoring me. I banged on the door.No one would come to the door I finally realized one of the doors was unlocked so I cracked it open and asked another worker to please call an ambulance. I guess she called the manager or someone. I saw her pick up the phone About 10 minutes later, the Manager stuck his head out and asked if I was alright. I replied no. He asked, can I help you? I asked him to call an ambulance.Which he did.By this time, I am soaked from the rain.I'm outside in the cold and pouring rain and was not allowed to wait in the store By the time the ambulance arrived I was in full attack along with a panic attack I was given a breathing treatment and was strongly advised to go to the hospital.They kept insisting but I refused for 2 reasons. I am afraid because of the COVID-19 and I had a wounded dog at home who couldn't walk and who needed` me to attend to him.They were so nice.They took care of AAA for me also put my groceries in my car for me.After refusing several times to go to the hospital, they called the doctor and I signed an AMA form I saw my doctor on the following Monday My asthma still has not cleared up and getting worse.April 13, 2020 I called Safeway and spoke to a Manager named Carl He asked me to come to the store and meet with him I told him what happened He pulled up the pictures on his computer.I pointed out the person and was told his name was Jacob.He told me that was the first time Jacob was at their store because Jacob was a floater.Yet when he pulled up the pictures he immediately knew him.He told me it was my word against his even tho' in the picture it shows Jacob with no mask on I asked him to give me an Incident Report and he said,as long as I was outside it was not Safeway's responsibility I mentioned that it actually began while I was inside the store.He shrugged his shoulders I asked him if he was refusing to give me an Incident Report and he replied, "yes." I left the store"

Char Lila says

"Safeway are known for their constant double-swiping (double charging) going on in many stores in SE Melbourne, namely Seaford (the worst), their scanners charge an item twice rather than once. They do it on purpose to rip ppl off. I've raised the issue with numerous Managers & they do absolutely nothing about it. It's a scam that was raised in A Current Affairs or another current affairs show years ago! They blame the machines but surprise surprise each time I go back the same thing happens. No one of them care. They'd make millions each year taking advantage of customers. It never happens at Coles or Aldi etc.. interesting!.."

Bruce Jordan says

"Very bad store would not recommend nobody else as this place is a store. Letting other in just to grab toilet paper hand sanitizer they need to put it to a limit"

William Grant says

"I get deliveries from this store, they just stole from me 40+ dollars.

You want to know how they doing it:
they change prices on Wednesday, but allow you place an order for sale items on Tuesday for future delivery.

Now on Wednesday, the not only return sale items to previous price, they actually increase in my case by additional 50%.

Example 1 pound pack of ground chicken on sale was at $4.99, normal price is $7.99, but on Wednesday it was 10.99. And site was actually showing normal price of 7.99 and today's price that was a lot higher.

And that was not one item every item was that way. So $45 order become 80+ with about 30% items out of stock.

This is corporate robbery!!! They know what they doing!! All other online delivery stores never change prices on placed orders.

When I called customer service, I was told something like this:

Sorry, but you are screwed, we know you bought items at
one price, but we charged you double, better luck next time!


There are a lot of stores, that never do that, Giant guaranties prices for 7 days ahead after order placement, Whole Foods does not but never changes place order, etc.. And their prices and quality much better...

In addition, Safeway online ordering website has hundreds of bugs, sometime you order for one day and get delivery on another, or half of your order is gone missing. Or placed order cannot be changed, because site crashes...."

Richard Nikko says

"Been going to Safeway for years. Always good products and service. Went last weds and got bread for sandwiches. Realize later the bread was expired feb 23. OMG!!!! Could not believe it the top bread was still good but the bottom was moldy. Was furiously PO off. Just check expired food people. Hope does not happen to you
Still love Safeway store."

Steven Vanderhoof says

"$1.12 cost Safeway/Albertsons customers for life.
Safeway (Parent company Albertson's Companys / Cerberus Capitol Management) at 14840 SE Webster Rd, Milwaukie this afternoon made an announcement at appox. 4:30pm that "Due to an Unfortunate Set of Circumstances, we will only accept CASH until further notice." Not in an apologetic tone, but in a 'I can't believe I have to deal with this crap' tone. OK. I had been shopping for 15, minutes at this time, so I did 2 things, first, I checked how much CASH I had on me. $31.00 - Next, I did a quick math problem in my head, how much is is my cart at this point ( I was not done shopping). I estimated $28, so I stopped shopping, and got into 1 of 3 long lines- I do not know or care how long this had been going on, but typical long line for this store. I observed several interactions of what must be a most embarrassing discussion to have in public- with the cash we have on us, what do we have to have in our cart, and what do we leave behind. I believe everyone I witnessed was a respected, hard working man, woman or couple, and my heart hurt seeing them have these public discussions, trapped in line with strangers. Finally my turn, and the cashier looks at me and says in her snottiest voice, "I hope you heard we only take CASH!" Um, yes, I heard. I told her I checked, and I have $31, I believe I have more than enough. "Well, we'll see." Great... I gave her my extra-large shopping bag, and that dramatic 'I'm too good for this' attitude cashier began to scan my purchases, which included a couple of fresh meat products, and 4-.99 + .05 deposit 2 liter Coke Zero bottles. The total, after the Safeway Card discounts??? You guessed it, $32.12 - $1.12 more that the cash I had on hand. Well damn, shame on me. I mentioned I had no problem coming back down in a little bit with the $1.12, but I was cut short of my offer, and just told "All we can do is 'suspend' the transaction, and continue it when you come back." I said, "Oh, that's nice, expecting to provide my credit/debit card and drivers license, sign some form of IOU, and be on my way. But then it occurred to me- "Oh, you're going to keep my purchases (fresh meet *pork chops - 2 packages*) in my bag, somewhere in this store, until I make it to a teller machine and come back with an additional $1.12". She said that is all she can do. I then reached into my cart, where the 4 bottles of Coke Zero sat, grabbed 2 of them. held them between me and her, and asked "There is no other choice than to leave all of my food here?" She said yes, no other choice. I sat the 2 bottles on the counter, grabbed the other 2 and again asked, "Are you sure there is nothing else that can be done?" as I held the bottles towards her. "Nope, nothing." I said, "OK. Well, you just lost a customer who has been coming here for longer that this store has been open, over $1.12. Good job, you must be proud of yourself. Please take the items out of my bag, here are the 4 bottle of Coke Zero (3rd try to get her to come up with a possible solution of maybe only buying 2- she apparently is that customer service blind.)" I looked at the people behind me in line, and their jaws were wide open. Then, she let out another long sigh, and said "Let me ask my manager." I said "For what? Anything that it is going to take a manager to approve I don't want, unless it's offered to everyone else in this store. Is that what you're going to ask her?" "Well, NO!" So... I said "do not bother, you will never see me in this store again, and remember, this is allover $1.12!" She emptied my bag, I looked at the customers behind me, I shrugged my shoulders at them, they all had big grins of realization on their faces, and I left the store. I sure hope they had better experiences than I received, but if nothing else, they have a heck of a story to tell when the get home. Sooo... if you have stayed with this tale to the end, I applaud you.
I see US Bank has determined that they no longer need a branch & ATM there, maybe the parent companies will come to the same realization towards this Safeway, it's management, and specifically this employee.

In regards to the management, is it possible that in this day and age, that no one had ever thought of a remedy for the time an 'Unfortunate Set of Circumstances' occurs that they have a back-up plan to accept credit/debit cards? Too bad that previous to the invention of the little credit card chip readers, there wasn't a manual way to accept payment by credit/debit card. Oh wait, there was? Hand written slips and a signature? Oh, the horror of it all to have to train someone on how those worked. Geez."

Raphael Lusk says

"You know I love going in the Safeway and seeing the pricing and being able to shop be able to do a lot of things there but I must admit Safeway on Rainier avenue in Seattle Washington is by far one of the most asinine most inconsiderate bunch of customer service reps after customer service desk in reference to trying to receive a Western Union I tried to get Western Union received here because I lost my wallet and I did not at the time pal my driver's license or my ID but did have my birth certificate which was not acceptable for them and because my loved one who sent me the money so I could get an ID did not put a test question it took me over a 3-hour ordeal just to receive is the only one I have just to receive $40 not 50 not a hundred just $40 and took me all the way around the world but to let me receive the money to where I had to call my loved one clear across the country again to get her to physically go down to a Western Union office and redo it just so I can have a test question this is so asinine and I am so upset that I'm beside myself right now and it is just about really put a real sour taste in my mouth forever wanting to do business ever again with Safeway because two little bitty ass hussies that they got working their customer service desk that want to sit up there and try to spout customer policy oh excuse me not policy but customer procedure for processing opinion no one would think me holding my birth certificate will be good enough but no it is not you either got to have a passport number Oregon driver's license number but it can I order your passport but it cannot be your birth certificate which you know the one thing that definitely says you're you Safeway I understand procedure and I understand you're doing everything you can to keep your customer safe and to make sure that you guys aren't getting taken for a ride when it comes to the Western Union oh my God man come on brother come on now that's just being down right now how can I put it hateful now I'm sitting out here in the rain waiting for my loved one to go down to Western Union clear across the country again to put a test question I feel very very unsatisfied as one of your customers this day and y'all can go kiss my black mother f****** ass with your procedures and policies but your prices are great but kiss my ass Safeway kiss my ass"

Elizabeth says

"I go to a Safeway close to me in a pinch but I also do use their Pharmacy because the pharmacist is a friend and I can get good service for the pharmacy. The store itself however is very disappointing. The self-checkouts don't work half the time, instead of speeding up the checkout process they slow it down. There are often items out of date and the shelves are not well stocked. Also the store staff at the self-checkouts is very rude. This store is located in zip code 21076."

David Walkush says

"the deli is not the greatest. at least not here in the Mill Creek, WA area."

Lila V. says

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